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There are all these independent women, trying to make money on their own, and they are setting these standards that I hate. Just because I don’t believe in ‘women dominance,’ I’m wrong? Why would anyone want to go to school for a minimum of four years and work for the rest of his/her life when he/she has an option not to. If a wealthy man proposed to me, I would not fight for an education or a job; I’ll be his wife, full-time duty. I don’t get these 21st Century females trying to prove a point that men and women are equal. Obviously we are all equal. Just because a woman does house work, she is no longer an equal? Every person has the potential to be anything he wants; a man or woman can be a home maker. I don’t see anything wrong with that, but just because I believe a woman should be the home maker, I’m sexist? If my future husband is not making enough money, I will get a job and help him, and that is what a family is about. Why are these feminists adding being so critical of those who don’t agree with them? They pull the sympathy card for women all the time, even though they fight against sympathy.

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    Since it’s not likely that a wealthy man (or person) that I also love is going to propose to me any time soon, so I’d...
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    Inherently, maybe not, but this is what it’s become.
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